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WREN Men's long Sleeve Jersey - Orange/Grey Raglan

WREN Men's long Sleeve Jersey - Orange/Grey Raglan

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NEW Wren 2023 Jersey!

High tech polyester high Wicking Polyester

Wicking polyester has a special cross-section and a large surface area, which picks up moisture and carries it away from your body, spreading it out, to evaporate easily on the outside of the fabric. So you stay cool and dry.

Some people will refer to wicking fabrics as being breathable – that is, they let air in and sweat out. Breathable showerproof and waterproof fabrics have tiny pores in the fabric, larger than water vapour molecules (so these can get out) but much smaller than drops of rain (so these can’t get in).

 Getting the perfect fit!
1. Find a jersey or top you have that fits just how you like.
2. Measure the distance across the front of your jersey from underarm to underarm.
3. Pick the jersey based on our size chart.
4. Place your order.
5. Look awesome in your new jersey!


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