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Wonderlube Cycle Lube

Wonderlube Cycle Lube

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Wonderlube was developed by a team of passionate cyclists in Wales and some true bike loving chemist geeks. Together they have come up with the ONE long lasting bike lube that can be used across all cycling sectors.

Benefits include:

  • Very long lasting
  • Minimal application required - a little goes a very long way!
  • Self cleaning
  • Highly lubricating - reduces friction, vibration and drivetrain noise
  • Corrosion protection
  • Protects drivetrain from dirt and moisture
  • Cost effective - 250ml will last you a long time!
  • Non-harmful, non-flammable and biodegradeable 

Application is as simple as it comes.

Whilst we strongly recommend you degrease your chain to cleanse it of old lubes and dirt before applying it is not strictly needed. If you apply Wonderlube over exisiting products it will simply cleanse your chain of old products and dirt as you ride. However this will make the chain very black in colour ** as it expels the contaminants and will need you to wipe it several times and reapply lube after doing so. This, in our opinion, is a waste of product and let's be honest, no one likes a dirty black chain. 

** We must add, Wonderlube does not turn black...but the dirt it removes will do. If you degrease first, your chain will run clean for many miles in all conditions.

Best practice is:

  • Degrease chain with product and method of your choosing
  • Dry chain - it doesn't have to be bone dry. Just rid it of any remaining degreaser and water that may be evident.
  • Sparingly apply lube over the chain as you back pedal the cranks to ensure an even all over coverage
  • Gently wipe over with a clean cloth to rid the chain of excess lube
  • Ride bike

Apply again when you feel the need to do so. However if layering over previously applied Wonderlube you don't need to degrease every time.

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